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 This is my story and I'm stickin' to it

Mickey Holiday is a musical artist with a rich heritage.   Born in a Christian family with musical parents, grew up in Benton Harbor, Michigan , began to play in Bands around the Grand Rapids area, (Tru-Tones, Metros, Dick Cole Trio).  

In the 60's he lit up the Jersey Shore singing with the Jaywalkers (Candy Cane, Dudley's, Mrs Jay's [Stone Pony], Groh's, Steve Brody's, Big Bill's, Thunderbird, Colonel Cooper's, Peppermint Lounge in NYC, etc.), working opposite groups like Johnny Maestro and the Crests, Levon and the Hawks, who later became The Band, backing up Bob Dylan.  
Also, Conway Twitty on his last rock 'n' roll gig at the legendary Tony Mart's in Somers Point, New Jersey.  

In Chicago at the Club Laurel.   Also, at the Whiskey a-go-go on Rush street and the Action a-go-go on the south side in the Bobby Dee band with Guitarist Harvey Mandel, Organist Barry Goldberg and Drummer Eddie Hoh.

Following his Conversion to Christ in 1967, he brought his singing and songwriting skills to the church.  
John W. Peterson has said, "Those who have discovered the music of Mickey Holiday know it rings with the sincerity and conviction of a life fully dedicated to the Lord, and has the warmth that is born out of deep concern for those who have never tasted the grace of God."

In 1968, the first of his gospel Songs was published and soon many others followed including: "I Know Where I'm Goin'", "Who Killed Jesus?", and "Christ Is The King Of All Kings", just to to name a few.   His song "Happy Am I" has been immortalized in the Singspiration Hymnal "PRAISE" ...an example of his talent and testimony.

Sometimes heritage can be interpreted by the modern church as a synonym for staleness.   Not so in the case of Mickey Holiday.   His album "POWERHOUSE" produced with Stan Endicott for Good Life Records is evidence of an ongoing, ever-increasing understanding of his Christian Faith.

In 1972 he began traveling across the United States, singing and sharing his faith, crossing denominational lines with a passion for the unity of the Body of Christ, as expressed in his album: "WE ARE ONE".

Mickey Holiday is not simply a performer.   He writes, records, arranges, orchestrates, and shares the Word.   His personal blend of humor and worship has brought that special touch to many believers.  

After coming off the road in 1997, Mickey worked with a group called God's Country every Saturday night through 2004.  

Currently, He continues in the ministry of praise & worship on the west coast of Florida.

With Mickey Holiday, you have years of Ministry and Music Production experience at your service.

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