When I came to Grand Rapids I answered an ad in the paper to play in a band being formed. I played guitar at the time but they already had 2 guitarists and they asked me if I could play bass. I said yes, but didn't have a bass or the money to buy one. So I made a bass from scratch (the one in this picture) and made a living with it for a couple years.
 We played at: The Show Bar, The Canopy, Oscar's Red Mill, Lena Lou's - With a variety of styles including: Pop, Rock, Country, R&B - Emulating artists like the Ventures, Les Paul, Ray Charles, and many more.

Rod Bowman - Mickey Holiday - Bill Ridley
Chester Lee

Some of our fans put up the money to make this record, but eventually they also were singing 'Darling I'm Sorry'... and probably still have boxes full of records to prove it.

Our "BIG" hit record


Listen to that tall skinny guy WAIL!
We played the Canopy in Grand Rapids,Michigan - Whitey Lou's in Fort Wayne, Indiana - We followed Count Basie in the Club Laurel in Chicago, Illinois and made a lot of music for just 3 guys.

Ted Balanger - Mickey Holiday - Miles Long

Click here for a taste

 The TIMES Were NOT that GOOD


 66 & 33

My First and Last Gig on Tenor Sax

 I needed one of those CONSOLI  LIGATURES 

Chief Cooknbottlewasher   
Gary Cubberly - Wild Bill Hickup - Mickey Holiday - John Wrubel
                                                                                  Billy Ryan

Sammy Pugh Trio at BIG BILL'S

 BIG BILL'S was located on Springwood Ave. in Neptune, New Jersey and was THE place for Soul/R&B/Jazz music. The building in this picture burned down, and the one they rebuilt was one of the nicest clubs on the Jersey Shore. Big Bill was one of the nicest people there also. I played there eventually with the Jaywalkers and they packed the place to hear us white boys.

Sammy Pugh - Mickey Holiday - Dave Clark

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